Office of the Chief Psychiatrist

About Chief Psychiatrist

  • Dr Dinesh Arya - ACT Chief Psychiatrist and Care Coordinator
  • Sarah Cramond - Acting Director Office of the Chief Psychiatrist
  • Charmain Roberts - Executive Assistant Office of the Chief Psychiatrist

Phone: (02) 5124 6137

For information on Mental Health (Secure Facilities) Act 2016, please visit the ACT Legislation Register.

The functions of the Chief Psychiatrist and Care Coordinator include:

  • Administering and monitoring the use of the Mental Health Act 2015
  • Monitoring and improving the delivery and standard of mental health care
  • Monitoring the treatment and care of patients
  • Appointing and setting out the functions of delegates and mental health officers
  • Making guidelines for people exercising a function under the Mental Health Act 2015
  • Conducting inspections and investigations
  • Providing an annual report
  • Making recommendations to the Minister for Mental Health about mental health service delivery
  • Promoting continuous improvement in the organisation and delivery of mental health services.
Page last updated on: 8 Feb 2023