Geriatric Department

The Geriatric Department provides the following services to patients admitted to Canberra Hospital:

  1. Co-ordination of acute and sub-acute care for patients admitted to the Geriatric unit, through a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Medical, Nursing and Allied health professionals.
  2. Co-ordination of care of elderly patients admitted with  a hip fracture
  3. Consultative service for patients admitted to other units, as required

Admission to the Geriatric department is generally through the Canberra Hospital Emergency Department. It may also be arranged through transfers from other inpatient units or through booked admissions directly from the community.

Our focus is on patient centred care that promotes recovery, independence and wellbeing and helps patients perform their own daily living activities and enables a safe discharge.

Please contact the ADON on 02 5124 3035 for more information.

Page last updated on: 26 Oct 2018