ACT Health Vacation Study Program

The 2018-2019 ACT Health Vacation Study Program has now concluded. The 2019-2020 program will commence in September 2019.

The ACT Health Vacation Study Program offers students the opportunity at the end of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, to participate and gain experience in research at ACT Health. Students should be studying one of the following disciplines:

  • Medicine
  • Medical Science
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Allied Health

The program provides students with an opportunity to learn valuable research skills which is an important part of university study. This program promotes the development of research skills in students which is becoming increasingly important in medical science training.

2018-2019 Program Wrap up

Funding for placements in the 2018-2019 program was generously sponsored by:

  • ACT Health Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Radiation Oncology Private Practice Trust Fund
  • Canberra Hospital Private Practice Fund
  • Canberra Hospital Auxiliary Committee

Congratulations to the students who completed their placements: Lachlan Finlayson, Adwin Thomas, Thomas Sizeland, Rebecca Jones, Jarrad Catling, Angela Liao, Milica Kukic, Frances Simpson, Abdeljalil Lahiouel, Ka Man Au Ieong, Kyle McCabe, Nikita Parkash, Celeste Willis, Man Wai Mak, Sewa Rijal.

The students delivered their final presentations at a session on 22 February for the Centre for Health and Medical Research, placement supervisors and sponsors.

Group photoshot after students delivered their final presentation


For more information direct enquiries to:

Cath Rollinson
Centre for Health and Medical Research
Level 6, Building 10 Canberra Hospital
Tel: (02) 5124 5257


Page last updated on: 8 Mar 2019