Low Risk

The Low Risk Sub-Committee (LRSC) provides an expedited review process for research that meets the National Statement definition of low and negligible risk (see National Statement Chapter 2).

Please Note that the Low Risk Research proposals that are to be considered under the National Mutual Acceptance (NMA) Scheme must be reviewed by a full HREC.

The LRSC reports to the ACT Health Human Research Ethics Committee (see the LRSC terms of reference).

Application Submission Process

Low risk research applications must be made electronically using the REGIS platform.  Applications need to be accompanied by a separate protocol document and any supporting documentation.

Protocol Templates

Example protocol templates are provided, however these may be varied as required:

Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form Template

Section 2.2 of the National Statement Seeking and giving consent provides guidance on providing information to participants as part of the consenting process. Consent should be a voluntary choice, and should be based on sufficient information and adequate understanding of both the proposed research and the implications of participation in it.  What is needed to satisfy these conditions depends on the nature of the project, and may be affected by the requirements of the codes, laws, ethics and cultural sensitivities of the community in which the research is to be conducted.

LRSC Meeting Schedule

The Low Risk Ethics Committee meets approximately every two weeks depending on the number applications to be heard.

Once received submissions will be allocated to the next available meeting. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email which will provide the meeting date the application will be reviewed and the Low Risk Ethics Reference number allocated to your application.  Applicants will be able to track the progress of their application through the REGIS platform.

Page last updated on: 11 Nov 2019