CHARM 2021 virtual poster display


CHARM 2021 Poster List (pdf)

Poster number Name Abstract title
1 Denika Silva Effects of neuromuscular gait modification strategies on indicators of medial knee joint load in people with medial knee osteoarthritis: Systematic review and meta-analysis
2 Denika Silva Minimal clinically important change and minimal clinically important difference of outcome measurement tools in people with knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review
3 Sian Hopkins How does Telehealth support students to develop competencies in interprofessional collaboration as part of accredited allied health programs: A systematic review
4 Jiaxiang Mao Automated meal compliance using deep learning techniques for individualised hospital catering – Pilot study
5 Janna Lutze Peer assisted learning - When two become one
6 Debra Paoletti Trends in reporting third trimester ultrasound in Australia and New Zealand
7 Hollie Speer Endothelial function, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) production, and hypertension in aging – a review of biological processes and potential interventions
8 Solomon Bezabh Antiparasitic activity of tea tree oil and its components against medically important ectoparasites: a systematic review
9 Sarah Hill Improving the mealtime eating environment at Canberra Health Services
10 Kezia Bates “Rebooting” cancer genetic counselling appointments – an 8-week review
11 Danish Ahmad Impact of an integrated microfinance and health literacy program on maternal health care awareness and practice in rural India
12 Nathan D'Cunha Protocol for the Nutrition and Healthy Ageing Trajectories in Retirement Living (NutriHAT-RL) study in the Australian Capital Territory
13 Nurul Aini Yakob Vitamin B3 levels in women who experience first trimester miscarriage
14 Claudia Reed Short- and long-term patient outcomes following prolonged mechanical ventilation
15 Drew Richardson Prevalence of Access Block in Australia 2017-2020
16 Lyana Salim AHDID Study: After-Hours Discharge of ICU patients treated for Delirium
17 Emily Heaney Communicating through the haze: Health messaging for bushfire smoke, A Literature Review
18 Jo-Wai Douglas Wang Age and gender differences in prevalence of comorbidities in hip fracture patients and their influence on outcome
19 Drew Richardson Prevalence of Alcohol-Related Presentations in Australasia 2017-2020: More Crowding and No Less Alcohol
20 David Todd Review of premature babies (PBs) <27 weeks gestational age (GA) from 2017 to 2020 who were ventilated with Neurally Adjusted Ventilation Assist (NAVA)
21 Ellen Brown Sentinal diagnosis during COVID-19 pandemic - Bronchiolitis
22 Drew Richardson Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australasian EDs
23 Drew Richardson Emergency Demand in Canberra Hospital During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic
24 Jordan Barrett Analysing changes in the pattern of psychiatric admissions to Canberra Hospital during COVID-19
25 Thomas Woodward Sentinel diagnoses in the covid-19 pandemic: Pulmonary embolism
26 Himasha Nanayakkara Observation of the incidence of eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE) in oesophageal atresia/fistula (OA/TOF)
27 David Croaker Great balls of fire?
Does the rate of testicular maldescent (UDT) parallel the rising rate of hypospadias?
28 Shahid Mahmood Long-term efficacy of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in myoinvasive urothelial cancer - A retrospective study from The Canberra Hospital
29 Manoj Singh Long-term outcomes of Hospital-identified Clostridium difficile infections (HICDI) in hospitalized patients
30 Garima Gahlawat Emerging treatment strategies for impetigo in endemic and non-endemic settings: a systematic review
31 Arvind Kamath A prospective statistical analysis of cardiac catheter lab presentations to The Canberra Hospital Emergency Department during the COVID-19 pandemic
32 Himasha Nanayakkara Anxiolysis in Diagnostic Imaging- No worries?
33 Rebekah Bowman Biophysical effects, safety and efficacy of raspberry leaf use in pregnancy: a systematic integrative review
34 Catherine Bell Rethinking Birth Plans: a systematic and integrative review into the impact if birth plans on childbearing women
35 Amanda McKie What are the unmet supportive care needs of people affected by chronic kidney disease receiving haemodialysis? A meta-aggregation review
36 Najmeh Alyasin Living with a mended heart – an integrative literature review of the experiences of women following first acute coronary syndrome
37 Nikki Johnston Reliving trauma near death: a systematic review
38 Natasha Jojo Effectiveness of Behavioural skill training for prevention of sexual abuse among children with Intellectual Disability
39 Jojo Joseph Sleep problems and its relation with autism severity, problematic behaviour and parental distress in children with low functioning autism
40 Amanda McKie Spirituality and religiosity in people who have had a renal transplant: A scoping review.
41 James Connor Piloting ‘Leo’s Place’ – a world’s first, non-clinical, palliative care respite house
42 Andini Pramono Social value of maintaining baby-friendly hospital initiative accreditation in Australia: case study
43 Wubshet Tesfaye A comparative study of drug approval processes across major regulatory jurisdictions
44 Satish Chand Lessons from Machine Learning in Closing the gap between Funding and Expenditure in the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme
45 Nidhi Menon Aligning healthcare research with consumer, policy, and service needs
46 John Noel Viana Responsible innovation as a framework for more inclusive health research in the Australian Capital Territory
47 Nadia Roberts Liposomal drug delivery: targeting therapies for neuroinflammation
48 Adrian Cioanca Photoreceptor to glia microRNA exchange by extracellular vesicles: a novel response to retinal degeneration?
49 Rasel Barua Comparative Genomics Shows Site-Specificity of Escherichia coli in the Lower Gut of Humans
50 Pratap Pawar Mapping the intersections of nerve fibres in the optic chiasm using MATLAB
51 Elmira Mohamed Superior performance of cellulose nanofibers as a topical haemostat
53 David Croaker The sl rat as a model for human Hirschsprung disease (HSCR)
54 Myra Ruth Poblete Living with diabetes: Development of therapeutic insoles with overload-sensing via electrical impedance tomography of carbon nanotube networks
55 Vicky Saunders Good start in life for young children - developmental needs and service responses in the ACT
56 Harshel Parikh A comprehensive care bundle reduces harm in patients with Central Venous Access Devices
57 Alice Richardson Seasonality in testing and positive respiratory bacterial infections in the Australian Capital Territory, 1997-2007
58 Delilah Shelley Retrospective study on haematology patients with febrile neutropenia post chemotherapy
59 Chyi Tho A standardised enhanced recovery after surgery care pathway decreases patient length of stay in colorectal surgical patients
60 Tracy Harb Parental perceptions of the School Kids Intervention Program (SKIP): a program for families with overweight or obese children
61 Susan Davis I can't be-leaf how dry this is! A-dressing salad recipes for a better inpatient meal experience
62 Eric Kim Textual analysis of clinical notes on pathology request forms to determine sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis of Hepatitis B and C virus infection
63 Jenny Hawke Taste changes in oncology? These extra items were mint to be!
64 Jacinta Bryce What is possible for nutrition and food service continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic?
65 Katherine Rae Comparison of active and reactive mattresses in domiciliary-based pressure injury healing: A randomised feasibility study
66 Catherine Hilly Effectiveness of activity and participation interventions for school-aged children (5-18 years) with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A systematic review

The contents of these posters are the sole responsibility of the named authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ACT Health Directorate.

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