Visitors at health facilities

COVID-19 check-in process at Canberra Hospital and University of Canberra Hospital

This information is no longer current. For information about current restrictions at CHS facilities visit the CHS website. 

If you are visiting these facilities, please keep an eye out for self-serve check-in tents and stations. These locations will have hand sanitiser for visitors to use and surgical masks for them to wear. Visitors must also continue to complete the ACT health facilities digital screening tool available on the ACT Health App, and receive a green tick, before entering.

Masks are mandatory in high-risk settings, including hospitals and health care facilities. This is to ensure your safety and that of our patients and staff.

What are the restrictions:

  • Only two people per day can visit patients at hospitals and health services; and
  • This is limited to one visitor at a time to ensure we can maintain physical distancing.

As of tomorrow (Friday 4 March 2022) for people visiting:

  • the Canberra Region Cancer Centre;
  • Wards 14A, 14B, 10A and 4B; and
  • Other wards in hospitals where patients are at a higher risk of infection (for example, ICU).

You are required to do a rapid-antigen test (RAT) prior to entering.

If you are heading to any of these high-risk areas as a support person, particularly at the Canberra Region Cancer Centre, you may not be able to stay with your loved one for the duration of their appointment at the facility.

This is due to capacity restrictions.

Please speak to the patient’s doctor and/or ward staff before you visit. You can contact the treating team on (02) 5124 0000.

Patients, carers and visitors applying for a health facility exemption

If you are under a Public Health Direction and in quarantine or isolation, you need to apply for an exemption from ACT Health in the first instance by emailing

If you are granted a release from quarantine or isolation by ACT Health, you can then apply for a health facility exemption.

Please note:

  • A separate application is required for each visitor; and
  • You should speak to the patient’s doctor and/or ward staff before you submit this form. You can contact the treating team on (02) 5124 0000.

Our staff will continue to use compassion and common sense to make sure patients receive the support they need.

Patients who need assistance to access hospital care, including in the Emergency Department, will continue to be supported by their carer.

For children and young people, both parents or carers can attend. Only one parent or carer can stay overnight.

Women coming to hospital to give birth can have two support people, however, only one support person may attend the operating theatre for caesarean section.

We strongly recommend that visitors are up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Children under 5 years of age should avoid visiting health facilities, where possible.

COVID-19 safe behaviours continue to apply to all visitors.

Digital screening tool

Everyone must continue to complete the ACT health facilities digital screening tool each day before entering any of our health facilities. The tool is also available through the ACT Health App.

If asked, show your completed form (or the ‘green tick’ on your mobile/device) as you move about our health facilities.

Do you have surgical face masks available for visitors?

Yes. Surgical face masks are available at self-serve stations when entering our facilities and must be worn at all times if you are 12 years and over.

A ‘red cross’  appears on the digital screening tool after filling in the form. What happens now?

If you have been denied entry into a health facility (red cross appears on the digital screening tool) then you have answered yes to one of the entry screening questions.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, you should get tested and isolate at home until you get your result. For more information visit the ACT COVID-19 website.

I have an appointment at the hospital – can I proceed to the clinic if I have symptoms?

If you have symptoms, you should call the clinic before coming to hospital. Clinical staff will need to determine if you can enter the facility.

Can I have someone with me when I go to my appointment at a community health centre?

Yes. You can bring one other carer or support person with you when you attend an appointment – either at the hospital as an outpatient, at a community health centre or walk-in centre. Children and young people who need to attend appointments can be accompanied by one parent or carer/support person.

How do I know the information is safely stored and remains confidential?

Your privacy is important to us.

All data collected by the screening tool will be stored as per ACT Health privacy laws.

Page last updated on: 6 Apr 2023