Central Health Intake phone line unavailable from 13 January

This is the line used to book some services at our community health centres and outpatient clinics.

Our Central Health Intake (CHI) phone line will not be active from 13 January. This is the line used to book some services at our community health centres and outpatient clinics.

This change is temporary so these staff can help us respond to the increasing pressures of COVID-19.

We will have nurses available to process urgent referrals from GPs only.

We have taken this action so CHI team members can be moved to support our COVID Care@Home team, which is very busy at the moment.

If you need to cancel an upcoming appointment, please use our online appointment cancellation form.

Please speak with your GP if you need an urgent referral or if you have any other concerns. Otherwise, we will let you know once the phone line is open again.

We are still taking time-sensitive enquiries for our services for children and families on another line. This includes people who have just found out they are pregnant and are phoning for their first midwife appointment.  

These are the services you would usually call CHI for, and include:

  • Canberra Maternity Options
  • Maternal and Child Health services - please note that you can book the 6 to 8 week developmental health check for your baby, and a wellbeing check for the baby’s parent / carer. Four month and six month developmental health checks for your baby are also now available.
  • Early Childhood Immunisation – please note this does NOT include children’s COVID vaccination bookings
  • Early Pregnancy and Parenting Support Line
  • Children’s Asthma Education Service
  • Children’s Hearing Service
  • Community Paediatric and Child Health Service
  • Early Parenting Counselling Service
  • Nutrition Service (women, youth and children)
  • Physiotherapy Service (women, youth and children)

If you have an enquiry for any of these services please call 5124 1775 and leave a message, including your name and phone number. You can also email eppsclient@act.gov.au.

Please be patient, our staff are very busy at the moment and will get back to you as soon as they can.

Please do not call to book an appointment for services other than those listed above.

Page last updated on: 14 Feb 2022