ACT Government releases Eating Disorder Position Statement

This week, the ACT Government and the Minister for Mental Health are proud to present the ACT Eating Disorders Position Statement. This Position Statement forms the basis of the ACT Government’s response to community calls, which included a petition presented to the Legislative Assembly of the ACT, for increased eating disorder services in the ACT.

The Position Statement was developed through a series of stakeholder workshops that examined the current status of eating disorder services in the ACT, the gaps in those services and how best to move forward with evidence-based treatment programs. What emerged from this process is a Position Statement that aims to achieve better health outcomes for people with eating disorders by focusing on early and community-based interventions, to ultimately keep people well and out of hospital. This focus will help to reduce much of the severity, duration and impact of eating disorders that are felt in the community.

A range of short and long term options for the development of eating disorder services in the ACT are described in the Position Statement. These include a range of system-wide options that will provide opportunities to increase the integration between primary care, community care and hospital settings so that people can receive the right care, at the right time.

You can read the Position Statement for yourself here: 

ACT Eating Disorders Position Statement

Page last updated on: 23 Nov 2018