A new plan for children’s health services

We want to make sure children and young people in Canberra get the healthiest start in life.

To achieve this, families need to be able to access the best possible health care and so our health services need to grow as our city grows.

Keeping our kids healthy and delivering better care closer to home is the reason why we are developing a new Child and Adolescent Clinical Services Plan.

childrens health services plan

The plan will identify how we can:

  • improve and strengthen our existing health services and programs to support better outcomes and improve patient experiences
  • improve access to services in the community and in hospital
  • best plan for the future healthcare needs of our children.

The new Plan will cover all ACT publicly funded and delivered health services across the care continuum, from staying healthy, accessing care in the community or hospital, to rehabilitation and end of life care. We will also be looking at how we can improve local access to services and strengthen shared care arrangements where children and families are accessing specialist care interstate.

The Plan will complement other work already underway to improve the health of, and services for, Canberra’s children and young people, including expansion of the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, the maternity access strategy, Year 7 Health Check and ongoing work on development of a first 1000 days strategy for the ACT.

Child and Adolescent Clinical Services Expert Panel

A new Child and Adolescent Clinical Services Expert Panel is being established to provide provide high level oversight and independent expertise to support work currently underway to plan and improve healthcare services for Canberra’s children and young people.

The Expert Panel will be engaged to oversee the finalisation of the Child and Adolescent Clinical Services Plan, a priority action under the ACT Health Services Plan 2022-2030.

The Expert Panel will also focus on bringing together actions and recommendations from recent reviews and ongoing initiatives to ensure ACT health services are delivering high-quality care and planning for the future needs of children, adolescents and their families from Canberra and the surrounding region.

The Expert Panel will be led by an independent chair and include experts with clinical experience in paediatrics, a consumer representative, academics and other key stakeholders.

The Child and Adolescent Clinical Services Expert Panel will be engaged for a 12-month period with potential for extension following a review in July 2023.

Family experiences and expectations of accessing interstate specialist care

As part of our ongoing work to improve services for children and young people, the Health Care Consumers' Association (HCCA) were engaged by the ACT Health Directorate to undertake interviews with children and families who are or have been subject to interstate care arrangements.

The HCCA Consumer and Family Experiences and Expectations of Accessing Interstate Specialist Care: The Kids Interstate Shared Care report makes 17 recommendations across a range of issues including improving care coordination, access to information, improving patient and family experiences of care and supporting families and children. The findings contained in this report are being used to inform development of the Child and Adolescent Clinical Services Plan.

Page last updated on: 23 Sep 2022