Smoke-free environment

ACT Health is a smoke-free environment in accordance with ACT Government regulations.

These regulations protect our community from the known and potential harms associated with smoking products, including tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes include e-cigars, e-pipes, vape pens, hookah pens, and e-hookahs. They are now regulated under the same conditions as tobacco.

Smoking tobacco or electronic cigarettes is banned in various public places across the ACT, including:

  • public transport waiting areas
  • outdoor eating and drinking areas
  • shopping centres
  • restaurants

Smoke-Free Public Transport Waiting Areas

We have conducted a number of smoke-free consultations with the community. You can view the outcomes below:

Please contact us on 02 6205 2610 or email for more information.

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Page last updated on: 14 Nov 2018