Your rights and responsibilities

It’s important you understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient to ensure you receive the best possible care.

As a patient at The University of Canberra Hospital, you have the right to:

  • access a basic range of hospital services based on your clinical needs
  • be informed about your health and any treatment you may require
  • make decisions about your care
  • confidentiality and personal privacy
  • be treated with dignity and respect by healthcare staff
  • receive services that don’t discriminate on age, disability, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, culture or ability to pay
  • give feedback, make complaints and have access to advocacy

As a patient at The University of Canberra Hospital, you have the responsibility to:

  • treat healthcare workers and other patients politely and with respect
  • respect the rights and privacy of healthcare workers and other people using the service
  • give treating staff complete information about your condition, previous treatment, allergies, medications you have taken and other information relevant to your treatment
  • acknowledge that the hospital must give priority to those patients most in need of care
  • ask questions until you feel fully informed about your illness and any treatment that’s recommended
  • make an informed choice about treatment
  • advise service providers if you stop treatment or stop taking prescribed medication
  • advise treating staff if your condition worsens or doesn’t seem to be improving with treatment
  • keep appointments or notify the service providers if you are unable to attend

Please see the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights for more information.

Page last updated on: 27 Sep 2018