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Canberra Health Services has 6 community health centres across the ACT that provide a range of general and specialist health services to people of all ages.

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Visitor restrictions – changes to take effect from Monday 13 July 2020

From Monday 13 July, all hospitals and community health centres across the ACT are returning to tighter visitor restrictions.

This is in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria and recent positive cases in the ACT.

The visitor policy includes:

  • One visitor per patient, per day. 
  • Admitted babies, children and young people (0 -17 years) may have one parent/carer present at all times, with an additional visitor up to one hour each day. 
  • Women who are admitted for care related to birthing may have up to two support persons present. This needs to be pre-planned with the relevant midwifery and obstetric staff during antenatal care. 
  • If you are attending an outpatient and/or a community health clinic you should, wherever possible, attend alone. If you require a support person, please limit this to one person. 

Social distancing principles will continue to apply to all carers and visitors, while children and young people (0-17 years) should avoid visiting health facilities wherever possible. 

The decision to restrict visitors to our health services is always a difficult one, but it ensures we can protect the health and safety of patients, staff and their loved ones. This is especially necessary for our most vulnerable, particularly patients whose health is already compromised.

Staff have been asked to use compassion and common sense to ensure you receive the support you need.

If you wish to cancel your appointment with Canberra Health Services, please call Central Health Intake on 5124 9977. You can also use the online cancellation form on the ACT Health website.