Support and Play Programs

The Paediatrics ward at the CHWC is committed to providing play and learning opportunities to all children who stay on the ward.

 We offer various services and programs to help your child’s development and make their stay more enjoyable.

Our hospital trained volunteers are also available to spend time with your child when you need time out or a break. Look out for their white ‘Volunteer’ shirts or ask a nurse for more information.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Canberra is located on Level 2 of the CHWC. It provides accommodation for families who live more than 50 km away from the hospital and require treatment for their baby or child, as well as women with a high-risk pregnancy.

The House has 11 ensuite guestrooms that include double, single and disability access. It also has a full kitchen, dining room, lounge room, laundry, quiet room and 2 computer nooks.

For more information and to find out if you are eligible, please contact the House on 02 6281 5894.

You can also visit Ronald McDonald House Canberra.

Family Room

The Ronald McDonald Family Room is located on Level 1 in the Paediatrics ward. It provides a relaxing space for families to escape the routine of being in hospital.

Tea, coffee and light snacks are available, as well as a shower and laundry facilities to help make your stay a little easier.

The room is run by volunteers, and all families who have children in the hospital are welcome to use these facilities.


The playroom is located at the end of the medical ward. It’s a space that is used jointly by the Starlight Captains and the Play Therapists.

The room is bright and sunny and has an outdoor verandah. Children can use indoor and outdoor toys, books and activities. Children who can’t make it to the playroom are provided with age appropriate toys, play and craft activities.

Please don’t leave your child unattended in the playroom. If you need to attend an appointment or have other commitments, please speak to a Play Therapist who can organise a volunteer to stay with your child.

The playroom is open from Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:30pm.

George Gregan Playground

The George Gregan playground is open from dawn to dusk near the Paediatric Outpatient area.

Clown Doctors

The Clown Doctors program treats sick children in hospital with a special kind of medicine — doses of fun and laughter!

The clown doctors make the hospital routine fun and help children feel less traumatised by medical procedures. They lighten the pressure for patients, family and hospital staff and reduce fear and anxiety during stressful situations.

For more information, or to donate, please see the Humour Foundation.

Hospital School

The Paediatric Hospital School provides individual programs to ensure your child continues their learning while also making time for their medical needs.

The school is located in the central corridor outside the Paediatric ward. It’s staffed by 2 teachers and a teacher’s assistant.

Please contact us at for more information.

Starlight Foundation

The Starlight Foundation is committed to providing a program that is fun, accessible and meaningful for your child.

A key part of Starlight’s program is Captain Starlight. These larger than life characters bring fun and laughter to sick children at a time when they need it the most. We encourage you and your child to attend these fun and entertaining sessions when possible.

Captain Starlight is in the hospital from 8:30am to 4pm from Monday to Thursday.

Please let the Captains know if your child cannot make it to the playroom. They are more than happy to visit children in their rooms and brighten their day.  

The Starlight Foundation requests that children under the age of 8 are supervised by a parent or guardian when in the playroom with Captain Starlight.

Stella Bella Beads

The Little Star Beads program is a branch of the Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation. It aims to brighten the lives of children in the ACT region who live with serious and long-term illness.

Children in the program receive beads for specific medical procedures and milestones in their treatment to create a string of beads that tells the story of their personal medical journey.

The Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation also provide vouchers and small grants for parents who are struggling financially and care for their seriously ill children in hospital and at home.

The Foundation offers support and assistance to all children and their families, regardless of diagnosis.

Please call 0423 439 889 or email for more information.

You can also visit Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation.

Page last updated on: 14 Sep 2018