Wards and Clinics

The hospital has 4 inpatient wards, as well as the Paediatric Day Stay Unit and Paediatric Outpatient Clinics.

The hospital has 4 inpatient wards, as well as the Paediatric Day Stay Unit and Paediatric Outpatient Clinics.

We encourage parents to stay with their child and offer a free bed and linen service for your overnight stay. If you are unable to stay with your child, another carer over the age of 18 may stay in your place.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours on our wards are between 6am and 9pm daily.

We encourage mothers and babies to have a rest period after lunch each day. Visitors should be limited to partners or 1 support person during this time.

Please ensure your visitors are considerate of the needs of other mothers and newborns while on the ward. It’s important that all children are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

Adolescent Ward

The Adolescent Ward has 12 beds for young people aged 12 to 16 years. The ward provides a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment for young people and their families.

We care for patients with a wide range of healthcare needs, including medical, surgical and mental health.

Young people with a chronic condition over the age of 16 may be assessed and admitted for ongoing care. Transition to adult services occurs at 18 years or at the end of high school.

High Care Ward

The Paediatric High Care Ward has 12 beds for very unwell children and those with complex needs.

The level of care we offer allows us to look after many unwell children in Canberra, rather than transferring to a children’s hospital in Sydney.

Medical and Surgical Ward

The Paediatric Medical and Surgical Ward has 12 beds that provide care for children from birth to 12 years who have various medical and surgical conditions.

Day Stay Unit

The Paediatric Day Stay Unit (PDSU) provides day-only medical treatment for children up to 18 years.

We also provide day-only surgical services for children aged 14 and under. This includes booked and emergency day surgery.

Children over the age of 14 are admitted to the Adult Day Surgery Unit.

Outpatient Clinics

To make a booking at one of our outpatient clinics, please call reception on 02 5124 7550.

You must have a current referral from your GP or specialist to attend the clinics. This referral must specify the name of the doctor you are being referred to.

We triage all referrals according to urgency and can only offer you the next available appointment. GP referrals are valid for 12 months and specialist referrals are valid for 3 months. You must obtain a new referral for any new condition.

Our clinics are located at Level 1, Building 11 and open from Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm. This excludes public holidays.

NICU and Special Care Nursery

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Special Care Nursery (SCN) provide care for babies who need extra attention after birth. Please visit the NICU and SCN pages for more information.

Maternity Assessment Unit

The Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU) is a walk-in clinic for women who are more than 20 weeks pregnant and experience pregnancy or postnatal related concerns that require assessment and additional monitoring.

This can include early labour symptoms, reduced fetal movements, suspected broken waters or blood pressure checks.

You can self-refer to this service or be referred by your GP, the Antenatal Clinic or other maternity service. If you are participating in a continuity of midwifery care program, please contact your midwife for referral.

For complications at less than 20 weeks, please visit your GP or the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit.

You can contact the MAU on 02 5124 7355. Please call before you come in as some concerns may be resolved over the phone.

The MAU is open from 9am to 8:30pm. We accept the last walk in at 7pm.

We are located on Level 2 of the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, next to the Fetal Medicine Unit. Please speak to reception if you arrive between 9am and 5pm. If you arrive after 5pm, please proceed directly through to the unit.

Antenatal and Gynaecology Ward

Our Gynaecology and Antenatal Clinics are located on Level 2 of the hospital and the opening hours are from 8.30pm to 5pm.  All clinics require a GP referral. 

This ward provides midwifery and nursing to care to women who:

  • need to be admitted to hospital during pregnancy for a pregnancy related condition
  • have had gynaecological surgery
  • need admission for gynaecological or pregnancy related conditions
  • are in the first 2 to 3 days of postnatal care
  • are from the ACT or from regional hospitals that require hospital admission
Postnatal Ward

The Postnatal Ward offers a family friendly environment for mothers and babies who need a longer stay in hospital. We provide care through a team that includes midwives, nurses, lactation consultants, doctors and neonatal specialists.

We encourage and support you to stay with your baby on the ward. A family member or support person is also welcome to stay overnight if you are in a single room. Children are not permitted to stay on the ward overnight under any circumstances.

Page last updated on: 29 Oct 2018