To be eligible for the homebirth trial you need to:

  • be aged between the ages of 18 and 40 years
  • live within the homebirth catchment area
  • have current ambulance cover, and
  • live in a safe working environment for birthing that has:
    • adequate lighting
    • electricity
    • access to clean hot water
    • pets that can be secured out of the birthing area
    • easy access to the home for emergency vehicles
    • parking availability for two midwives, and
    • reliable phone access at all times.
  • have one or more birth supporters from family/friends who:
    • support your decision to have a homebirth
    • are available to be present throughout your labour, the birth and the recovery period to provide support to you and your baby, and
    • are available to care for your other children if necessary.
  • have had at least one, and not more than four, previous healthy pregnancies and uncomplicated births and recovery periods
  • be healthy and have a Body Mass Index no greater than 35 at the 36 week pregnancy check
  • have regular antenatal care with a health professional
  • have a current uncomplicated pregnancy progressing normally, and be less than 8 months pregnant at the time of enrolling in the trial
  • attend a 'suitability for homebirth assessment' appointment with your midwife on or before the 36th completed week of this pregnancy
  • be more than 37 and not more than 42 weeks pregnant at the time labour begins
  • have a single pregnancy with the baby in a head down position  before labour starts
  • wish to labour naturally and:
    • plan to use only natural remedies for pain relief during labour. Pain relief medications including epidural and nitrous oxide will not be offered.
    • understand that you will be able to labour in water if you wish i.e. a bath, but the service does not offer water birth (the baby being born under water).
    • agree to receiving medication via an injection to assist with the delivery of the placenta once you have given birth.

The eligibility screening will continue right up until you go into labour. If any issues are identified you may be required to be transferred to the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children to give birth.

If you meet the above criteria, please express your interest in the trial.

Page last updated on: 28 Sep 2018