Voluntary Undertakings

The Voluntary Undertaking (VU) scheme is a non-legislated scheme unique to the ACT. The scheme allows prescribers and pharmacists to support patients who they suspect may be drug-dependent or accessing medicines where there is a market diversion. This includes benzodiazepines and controlled medicines such as fentanyl patches.

The scheme is valid for 6 months and sees patients and prescribers sign a VU contract to allow a patient to access their prescriptions and medicines from one doctor and pharmacist.

HPS maintains all VU contract information and pharmacists and medical practices in the ACT and Queanbeyan region receive regular communication about VU contract updates. Please contact us if you believe your workplace isn’t receiving these updates.

You must still submit an Application for approval to prescribe a controlled medicine for medicines relating to a VU contract.

Please see the links below for more forms and further information:

Page last updated on: 2 Jul 2020