Clinical Leadership Forum

The ACT Clinical Leadership Forum has been established to provide independent and expert advice to the Minister for Health and the Minister for Mental Health.

Role of the Clinical Leadership Forum

The Clinical Leadership Forum performs its role for the greater good of the ACT population and the sustainability of the ACT public health system—to contribute to the continuous improvement of a high performing health system that keeps people well and provides the best care. The Forum is informed and guided by the recommendations of the ACT Health Culture Review and makes recommendations to the Ministers where this relates to improving the clinical operations of the ACT’s health system.

The Forum advises on clinical matters as they relate to a territory wide public health system and does not consider day-to-day matters of service management and operation.

The Clinical Leadership Forum provides objective advice based on the best available evidence.

Ministers may seek advice from the Forum on any matter within their portfolio responsibility, with due regard to the Terms of Reference of the Forum.

The Forum meets at least quarterly and focuses on:

  • Territory wide health service delivery
  • Territory wide health service infrastructure planning
  • clinical culture, planning and practice
  • workforce planning
  • education and training
  • health and medical research

The Forum is not a lobbying body and doeas not focus on professional or personal interests of members or the professions they represent.

You can read the communique from each meeting for more information:

Terms of Reference

Clinical Leadership Forum - Terms of Reference


Current members of the Clinical Leadership Forum are:

Professor Imogen Mitchell (Chair) - appointed to 30 June 2024
Clinical Director, ACT COVID-19 Response, Canberra Health Services; 20 years as Senior Staff Specialist in intensive care medicine at Canberra Health Services; professor of medicine at the Australian National University (ANU) Medical School.

Associate Professor Boon Lim - appointed to 30 June 2023
Clinical Director and Senior Staff Specialist, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Canberra Health Services, and Clinical Associate Professor at the ANU with clinical research interests in obstetrics and maternal fetal medicine.

Associate Professor Louise Stone - appointed to 30 June 2024
ACT General Practitioner for 25 years, member of the General Practitioner Mental Health Standards Collaboration and a senior medical adviser in general practitioner training.

Associate Professor Paul Craft AM - appointed to 30 June 2024
Clinical Director of the Division of Cancer and Ambulatory Support at Canberra Health Services, Senior Staff Specialist in medical oncology and Associate Professor in Medical Oncology at the ANU.

Dr Ahmed Mashhood - appointed to 30 June 2024
Clinical Director, Forensic Mental Health Service at Canberra Health Services, leader in clinical mental health workplace planning to support training, education and retention of staff.

Dr Jade Stewart - appointed to 30 June 2023
Paediatric Registrar, Canberra Health Services with leadership roles in the junior doctor community.

Dr Frank Piscioneri - appointed to 30 June 2024
Consultant General Surgeon and Clinical Director of Surgery, Division of Surgery and Oral Health at Canberra Health Services, Senior leadership in General Surgical Training in the ACT and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the ANU Medical School.

Nikki Johnston OAM - appointed to 30 June 2023
Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner and lecturer at the University of Canberra specialising in palliative care, and a recipient of a Medal of the Order of Australia for her contribution to nursing.

Shelley McInnis - appointed to 30 June 2023
Consumer representative with experience in health research and policy, and an Executive member of the ACT Health Care Consumers’ Association.

Toni Ashmore - appointed to 30 June 2024
Allied Health Professional (Social Worker), Canberra Health Services, with broad experience across a range of clinical and policy areas of health.

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