Allied Health Excellence Awards

The ACT Health Directorate hosts the annual ACT Allied Health Excellence Awards to highlight and provide formal recognition of the excellent contribution of public sector allied health professionals to the health and wellbeing of our community.  The Office of the Chief Allied Health Officer co-ordinates the Awards in collaboration with ACT Government Directorates that employ eligible allied health professionals.

There are eight Award categories:

  • Allied Health Assistant Excellence
  • Practice Excellence
  • Early Career Excellence
  • Management and Leadership Excellence
  • Team Excellence
  • Education Excellence
  • Research Excellence
  • Excellence in Provision of Services to Improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing

2022 Allied Health Excellence Awards

Nominations for the 2022 Allied Health Excellence Awards are now closed. Form submissions received after Friday 5 August 2022 will not be accepted.

The ACT Allied Health Excellence Awards will be celebrated on International Allied Health Professionals Day on 14 October 2022.

How to nominate

Anyone is welcome to submit a nomination for the Allied Health Excellence Awards, including self-nomination. All nominations, including self-nominations, must be endorsed by the nominee’s current Executive before the advertised closing date.

For more information on the Awards and making a nomination, please see the links below:

Winners and nominees of the 2021 Allied Health Excellence Awards

2021 award winners were announced on Allied Health Professionals Day, Thursday 14 October 2021. There were 20 nominees across eight excellence award categories. 

The winners of each award category are:

John Wsol is the 2021 ACT Allied Health Professional of the Year award winner - in recognition of his outstanding contribution to education. 

As Lead Pharmacist for Education at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, John is recognised for outstanding interprofessional collaborative practice to achieve high quality learning environments and patient outcomes.
John is also the recipient of the Allied Health Education Excellence Award, recognised for the ability to respond to complex clinical challenges with individual and service level responses. John is an outstanding mentor who demonstrates a creative approach to making sure that education is engaging and meets the needs of learners.

Andrew Slattery, Canberra Health Services — for Allied Health Management and Leadership Excellence 

Andrew continuously shows tangible respect for the cultural beliefs and practices of consumers and staff which has resulted in the implementation of innovative and inclusive initiatives at Canberra Health Services. 

Renata Kiss, Canberra Health Services — for Allied Health Clinical Excellence 

Renata contributes significant innovations to the development of new service initiatives.  Renata has demonstrated leadership and innovation in implementing and sustaining the Strengthening Health Responses to Family Violence (SHRFV) program at Canberra Health Services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strengthening Health Responses to Family Violence Team, Canberra Health Services — for Allied Health Team Excellence
Team members: Ursula Hawkins, Fiona Holihan, Renata Kiss, Anna McLeod.

The team has developed, implemented, and evaluated an innovative program dealing with family violence, which required significant training and practice change. The team is recognised for collaboratively creating an inclusive and engaging learning environment for a complex and sensitive topic based on best practice.

Laura Triggs, Canberra Health Services — for Allied Health Early Career Excellence

Laura demonstrates initiative in leading innovative projects and activities to promote the profession of Pharmacy, contribute to the care of vulnerable groups, and promote Canberra Health Services as an employer of choice.
Laura brings a positive, inclusive and supportive influence to both the Pharmacy profession and the culture of the Canberra Health Services Pharmacy Team. 

First Nations Menu Team, Canberra Health Services — for Allied Health Excellence in Provision of Services to Improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing
Team members: Taryn Billing, Graeme Brown, Jacinta Bryce, Susan Davis, Danial Farias, Joyce Graham, Sanjay Prasad, Andreas Seibold, Andrew Slattery, Suzi Vrbat.

The team has demonstrated excellence through design and implementation of an innovative, progressive, and sustainable culturally sensitive food menu across Canberra Health Services.
The team is recognised for their ongoing collaborative engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumer representatives to ensure respect for culture and connection with food and health.

Rosalyn Stanton, Canberra Health Services — for Allied Health Research Excellence

Rosalyn makes a significant contribution to proactive and collaborative leadership of allied health staff and allied health research across Canberra Health Services. 
Rosalyn is recognised for innovation in practice, directly through evidence-based practice and indirectly through providing professional development and growth opportunities for staff and students. Rosalyn strives to create a supportive and positive environment and always demonstrates the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.

Carol Manga, Canberra Health Services — for Allied Health Assistant Excellence

Carol demonstrates excellence by using innovative, equitable and creative ways to engage personally and respectfully with clients, build rapport and trust, provide tangible support, and develop an effective therapeutic relationship with consumers.
Carol is recognised for being an inclusive mentor and role model.


In 2021 there were 20 nominees across the eight Allied Health Excellence Award categories. Congratulations to the following nominees:

  • Allied Health and Nursing Team, Ward 9B, Canberra Health Services
  • Allied Health P.A.R.T.Y Team, Canberra Health Services
  • Allied Health Pilot Team, Community Services Directorate
  • Ashlee Bullock, ACT Health Directorate
  • Elizabeth Webb, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
  • Forensic Toxicology Unit, ACT Health Directorate
  • Fran Freeman, Canberra Health Services
  • Homelessness Outreach Team, Canberra Health Services
  • Pain Management Unit Allied Health Team, Canberra Health Services
  • Roisin O’Hagan, Canberra Health Services
  • Student Network Engagement Team, Education Directorate
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