Measuring Success

The ACT Health Directorate is committed to exemplary person-centred care through digital innovation. In order to deliver a world class healthcare system we must continuously analyse the work we are doing to understand if we are realising our strategic priorities and meeting the needs of the healthcare sector.

Performance Measures

The Directorate will use a wide range of measures to analyse and understand the effectiveness of the strategy’s implementation. These measures will include analysing the amount that paper based records have reduced, including in what areas and for what reasons a reduction has or hasn’t occurred. This will give insight to and a better understanding of barriers to reducing paper based records. Based on outcomes, it will also provide an opportunity to explore and and use best practice from other areas to work towards a paper-free environment.

The Directorate will measure the ability of all healthcare professionals’ increased ability to access clinical information and provide informed care to their patients through feedback mechanisms and recorded statistics. Outcomes will further support the implementation of a comprehensive Digital Health Record, for clinical staff to log into the one system for all the up to date relevant information on their patient, reducing need for clinical staff to access information from so many systems.

System User Feedback

Feedback from all stakeholders across the system will be strongly welcomed during the implementation of this strategy.

The success of this strategy will be incumbent on listening to those to whom the Digital Health Record will make the most impact on. Feedback will be proactively and passively gathered in a wide range of ways, such as through subject matter experts, workshops, user groups, formal surveys, governance committees and community engagement. Feedback, received in any format, will be considered during each phase of the strategy’s implementation.

Page last updated on: 6 May 2019