Drivers and enablers

To deliver the Digital Health vision and the three strategic themes, the Directorate will establish a broad set of Digital Health drivers and enablers across ACT Government publicly funded health services and facilities. These Digital Health capabilities can be categorised according to the Digital Future Ready Technology domains identified in the diagram below.

Digital Future Ready Technology Domain Digital Health Capability
integration icon
Clinical information integration
Ensures that clinical information is shared across systems to provide clinicians with a single view of all available patient information to inform clinical decision-making.
Organisational integration and workflow
Secure, effective and timely information sharing between Canberra Health Services, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, partner organisations and the national My Health Record to enable collaborative and team based care across the care landscape.
digital channels icon
Digital Channels
Digital channels and devices
Enables patients, carers, families, staff and partners to access information wherever and whenever they need it on the digital device of their choice.
digital clinical systems icon
Digital Clinical Systems
Person-centred clinical record
A single point of trusted information about the person, their conditions, diagnoses, tests, medications and interventions.
Clinical decision support
Clinically focused digital analytics capabilities that use clinical rules, limits and best practice to guide clinical decision making.
Clinical treatment services
Supporting assessments, tests, treatments and clinical decision making for specialist clinical disciplines.
Clinical diagnostic and medication services
Delivery of clinical diagnostic and medication services including medical imaging, pathology and pharmacy.
Patient administration
Supporting the administration and management of patient services as well as clinical coding, activity reporting, billing and claiming.
Patient flow and bed management
Digital capabilities that support the flow of patients through the clinical services as well as the management of beds to ensure timely patient treatment.
digital corporate and operational systems icon
Digital corporate and operational systems
Operational support services
Streamlining the requesting, scheduling and management of operational services such as linen, cleaning, meals, and patient transport services to ensure the efficient delivery of patient care and support.
Facility management services
Efficient management of facilities such as hospitals and clinics including building and environmental management, security, maintenance, emergency management and medical gasses.
Corporate support services
Supporting the corporate functions including financial management, human resource management, supply chain management and government reporting.
collaboration and communications icon
Collaboration and communications
Collaboration and networking
Improving communication between clinical and research staff to enhance team based and collaborative care as well supporting clinical research.
identity security and privacy icon
Identity, security and privacy
Identity and access management
Ensures that digital information is secure and is only accessible by those who have the right to access and use that information.
robust contemporary infrastructure icon
Robust, contemporary infrastructure
Technology infrastructure
Contemporary and robust technology infrastructure that supports the digital health capabilities required to realise the Digital Health vision.
information management and analytics icon
Information management and analytics
Information management, analytics and reporting
Advanced information management, data analytics, forecasting and reporting capabilities that allow staff to draw insights and intelligence from the vast array of data collected by the organisation to inform clinical, operational, planning and organisational decision making to deliver more effective, efficient and sustainable health services to the people of the ACT.
Medical research
Information services and tools that support the delivery of impactful medical and translational research within health facilities and with research partners.
Quality and safety improvement
Easily identify quality and safety improvements in care delivery and operations across the ACT and with care partners.
Page last updated on: 6 May 2019