Digital Health Record

The Digital Health Record is a comprehensive record of interactions between a person and publicly funded health services in the ACT. It will be centred around the person, rather than focused on clinical speciality or treatment location.

The Digital Health Record will transform the way health care is provided in the Territory. The health care team will be able to more readily access information, improving care and reducing errors. It will enable them to better focus on the person requiring care, rather than spending time searching for key health information.

People will be able to access their own information through a portal or mobile app to enable them to manage their interactions with the public health system. In the future this will mean that people may be able to talk to their healthcare team through virtual appointments, review or schedule appointments, access patient education and contribute information to their record.

The Digital Health Record is an exciting initiative that will support health services in Canberra into the future. Consumers and clinicians will start to see the benefits of the Digital Health Record within four years. Until then, keep an eye on this page for updates on how the program is progressing.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or concerns, please contact us on or 02 5124 9000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this Digital Health Record different to the My Health Record?

The Digital Health Record is a comprehensive record that will be much more detailed than the My Health Record, which is a summary of key health information.

For example, the Digital Health Record will include data on observations performed by clinicians, details about who administered a medication and at what time, as well as information feeding from devices such as infusion pumps or blood pressure monitors.

It will include information on which person is in which bed and which surgeon will be operating on which person in each operating theatre.

Both the Digital Health Record and the My Health Record are useful and complementary. Relevant data from the Digital Health Record will be uploaded automatically into the My Health Record for people that have not opted out, as it is now from our current systems.

Why can’t a person opt out of the Digital Health Record

There are laws that require health services to collect and store medical information. This is already done in the ACT, but the difference is that currently the information is stored in mix of paper records and a various and disparate clinical IT systems.

In the future this information will be collected in the Digital Health Record.

While people cannot choose whether their information is held in the Digital Health Record, some aspects will be optional. For example, people will be able to decide if they would like to share detailed information from the Digital Health Record with external members of their health care team such as their GP.

How will you ensure privacy and security of information?

It is important to remember that most of the health information that will be collected in the Digital Health Record is already being collected, either on paper or in existing clinical IT systems.

Having said that, the Digital Health Record will be designed from the ground up with privacy and security in mind.

There are processes at the whole of government level that provide assurance that sensitive information is protected. The ability to protect this sensitive information will be a critical factor in determining which solution is chosen.  

While this Digital Health Record is intended to make information more readily available to the health care team at the point of care, who can access this information will be strictly controlled through access control protections.

Page last updated on: 1 Jul 2019