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The Digital Health Record is an exciting initiative that will support health services in Canberra into the future. The Digital Health Record will transform the way health care is provided in ACT public health services.

The Digital Health Record records all interactions between a person and ACT public health services. This includes Canberra’s major public hospitals, community health centres and Walk-in Centres.

Each person will have a Digital Health Record that can be accessed by a person’s health care team at any service location. This allows staff to have faster access to information, meaning more time to focus on the person requiring care, rather than searching for key health information stored in different places.

You can access your own Digital Health Record through MyDHR. MyDHR is a secure website or mobile app (head to your mobile app store and download MyDHR) that allows you to manage and receive information about your health. You may also be able to access patient education materials tailored to your record. In the future we expect that people may be able to talk to their care team through video or phone appointments if they are unable to attend a service in person.

The Digital Solutions Division is responsible for the delivery of digital health capabilities across the ACT public health system.

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For general enquiries – Office of the Chief Information Officer – 02 5124 9000 or

For 24/7 user support – Digital Solutions Support – 02 5124 5000 or

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Page last updated on: 2 May 2023