Goulburn Base Hospital

Goulburn Base Hospital is a 100-bed hospital for acute medical, surgical, intensive and psychiatric care. It’s approximately 1 hour from Canberra and 2 hours from Sydney.

The hospital has a 24-hour emergency department staffed by senior medical officers and is affiliated with the Australian National University medical school. Junior Medical Officers (JMOs) are only allocated to CRMEC accredited terms.

JMOs seconded to Goulburn Base Hospital are given accommodation near the hospital for the duration of the term.

Rotations available at the hospital include general medicine and general surgery.

Each rotation gives you access to tutorial sessions, clinical meetings and direct liaison with consultants.

Please see the information below for specific features of each service.

General Medicine
  • general medical teams supervised by physicians with sub-speciality interests, including gastroenterology, respiratory medicine and cardiology
  • inpatient workload and opportunity to participate in outpatients if interested
  • day to day involvement with intensive care patients and liaison with physicians and anaesthetists
  • exposure to procedures such as lumbar punctures, pleural aspirations, ascitic taps, bronchoscopies and endotracheal intubation in theatre lists
General Surgery
  • general surgical teams covering most general surgical problems
  • exposure to ENT, breast, orthopaedics, urology and colorectal surgery
  • exposure to endoscopies
  • exposure to procedures such as suturing, surgical knot tying, insertion of intercostal catheter and plastering
  • unit provides inpatient and outpatient care for paediatric patients
  • exposure to general paediatrics
  • direct supervision by a Fellow paediatrician and a registrar
  • exposure to paediatric venepuncture and cannulation, suprapubic bladder aspiration and paediatric lumbar puncture
Page last updated on: 30 Sep 2018