How to apply

You can apply for positions within Canberra Health Services through our online eRecruitment system. All you need to do is create a profile and then apply to one of our advertised vacancies.

All ACT Health Directorate roles are advertised on the website.

Please read the duty statement and selection criteria in each advertisement carefully before you prepare a response. This ensures you know the tasks and functions of the position and meet the qualifications, abilities and experience required.

If you have any questions or would like to clarify your understanding of the role, please contact the officer stated in the advertisement.

Unsuccessful applicants are notified by email once the selection process is finalised.

Please contact us on for assistance or if you wish to provide feedback on the online process.

Application documents

There are several documents you must submit when you apply online. These include an application form, your resume and your selection criteria response.
Please ensure you upload these documents to your eRecruitment profile using ‘My Documents’. It’s important that you upload each document with the “REQ ID” or “Job Number” as part of the title. For example, 00888 Selection Criteria Response LastName.doc.

Please see a full list of the required application documents below.

Referee Reports

You need to provide the names and contact details of 2 relevant work-related referees in your application. These referees may be contacted by the Selection Advisory Committee—please let them know they may be asked to provide a referee report.

You should include your immediate supervisor as one of your referees. If this is not appropriate or possible for any reason, please advise the Contact Officer immediately.

For vacancies that are selected from application and referee reports only, it’s important to provide at least 1, but preferably 2, referee reports.
Please see templates for referee reports below.

Please see templates for referee reports below.

You must upload these documents to your eRecruitment profile using ‘My Documents’. It’s important that you upload each document with the “REQ ID” or “Job Number” as part of the title. 

Application checklist

Please make sure when you upload your application, you reference each document with the “REQ ID” or “Job Number” as part of the title:

  • resume or CV
  • written response to the selection criteria
  • written referee report(s) where required
  • covering letter (optional)
Late applications

We generally don’t accept late applications. Please ensure you complete all the required steps and attach any relevant documents to your eRecruitment System profile by the closing date.

Please discuss your circumstances with the Contact Officer if you are unable to lodge a full application by the closing date.

Interview availability

We contact successful applicants for interviews typically by email. This email states the date, time and location of the interview.

You are considered available for an interview from the closing date of the application unless you advise us otherwise.

Withdrawing applications

If you would like to withdraw your application, please sign in to eRecruitment, locate the appropriate position and click ‘If you no longer wish to be considered for this job’. Your status for the position turns to withdrawn on the ‘My Workbench’ page.

You can also contact Recruitment Services if you can’t withdraw online.


Restricted Vacancies

Permanent vacancies advertised in the ACT Public Service Gazette are open to all Australian citizens and permanent residents. Positions that are restricted at the discretion of the Chief Executive are flagged with a # symbol in the Gazette and are noted as restricted in other advertisements.

Temporary Vacancies

Section 106 of the Public Service Management Act 1994 states that a temporary vacancy must be filled by a permanent officer who is available and suitable for the position. If a permanent officer is not available, a temporary employee may fill the vacancy.

Applicants who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents must have an approved and appropriate work visa.

Voluntary Redundancies

If you accept an offer of voluntary redundancy from the ACT Public Service (ACTPS), you are not permitted to work with any ACTPS agency or authority for a minimum of 2 years. An exception may be made with specific approval from the Commissioner for Public Administration.

Questions about the Position or Progress of your Application

The nominated Contact Officer is available at any time to answer questions about the position or the progress of your application.

ACT Health Values

We have a set of core values that emphasise our commitment to patient care, organisation improvement and a great working environment. Personal work values that align with ours can help support you in your role to understand and work towards the goals of your team, unit and the wider organisation.

Page last updated on: 27 Nov 2019