The Chief Allied Health Officer helps to monitor and develop processes for allied health governance. It is important to have a clear vision, good communication, and strong reporting lines through dedicated leadership positions.  In CHS clinical governance is supported by Directors of Allied Health and discipline specific Profession Leads.

Regulation of Practice

It is an individual practitioner’s responsibility to ensure their registration is current at all times.

Any registered health professional who cannot prove the validity of their registration or application and does not have current 'practising' registration on the AHPRA database at the start of their first shift, one month after the renewal date, will be sent home. Leave without pay will occur until proof of registration is provided.

ACT Health conducts annual compliance checks through the Office of Professional Leadership and Education to ensure all CHS registered allied health practitioners are in line with the annual renewal date of 30 November.

For more information on the annual review process, please see the Annual Renewal of Health Practitioner Registration policy

Credentialing and Scope of Clinical Practice

ACT Health guides credentialing and scope of clinical practice for all allied health professionals in CHS. The procedure is professionally led and offers a standardised governance process for verifying and monitoring the qualifications, experience, professional standing and other relevant professional attributes of allied health professionals.

Allied health professionals need to complete their credentialing before starting clinical duties, and then once every year thereafter.

Information about annual credentialing for existing employees is provided by the Profession Lead for each allied health professional group. Information about credentialing for new employees is provided as part of the recruitment process. Credentialing forms for new allied health staff employed at CHS include:

For more information about allied health credentialing, contact the Allied Health Credentialing Secretariat at

Standards of Practice for ACT Health Allied Health Professionals

The current Standards of Practice for ACTH Allied Health Professionals were launched in 2016.

The Standards aim to:

  • establish the standard of professional practice for allied health professionals including assistants in CHS (previously known as ACT Health)
  • provide a central point of reference on the standards of professional practice at CHS
  • inform the community of the standards of professional practice for allied health professionals in CHS

All allied health professionals are encouraged to become familiar with the Standards.

Clinical Guidelines and Pathways

CHS encourages the use of clinical guidelines and pathways supported by best available evidence.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has developed a portal for Clinical Practice Guidelines to help clinicians and policy-makers easily access clinical practice guidelines.

For more information, please contact the, or  (02) 6205 0893.

Page last updated on: 7 May 2019