Selling food at events

The ACT hosts various events where food is handled and sold. Some larger events can pose a higher health risk for the community and may need to be regulated under the Food Act 2001; These are known as declared events.

Smaller events, including fundraising barbeques and school fetes don’t usually need regulating.

For more information, please contact us on 02 5124 9700 or email

You can also view Access Canberra’s Guide to organising public events in the ACT for your responsibilities as a business.

Declared Event Registration

All food stalls operating at declared events must register with the Health Protection Service and nominate a Food Safety Supervisor. This includes non-profit community organisations.

To register your business for a declared event, please submit your application at least 14 days before the event. There is no fee for this application.

You do not need to register for a declared event if your business holds a current Food Business Registration from the Health Protection Service. However, you must display a copy of your Food Business Registration Certificate at the event.

Please apply online.

ACT Declared Events

The following events have been declared as regulated events by the Minister for Health: 

  • Enlighten Night Noodle Market
  • National Folk Festival
  • National Multicultural Festival

You can access other event declarations on the ACT Legislation Register.

Food Safety at Declared Events

All businesses should complete and record regular temperature checks during transport, storage and display of food during events.

Food stalls operating at a declared event must nominate a Food Safety Supervisor

Please see the temperature log below to help you monitor the temperature of all potentially hazardous food prepared before and during an event.

If you are operating a food stall at the National Multicultural Festival you should read the National Multicultural Festival Food Stalls Information Sheet and use the attached checklist to help you comply with ACT Health requirements.

Our Public Health Officers also provide food safety advice to stall holders at pre-arranged meetings and information sessions before events. If you would like to organise an information session, please contact us on 02 5124 9700 during business hours.

Page last updated on: 6 Nov 2023