Statistics and Indicators

Melanoma – incidence

  • Melanoma has a high incidence and prevalence. In 2015 there were 173 new cases diagnosed in ACT residents (55% in males and 45% in females). The age-standardised incidence rate in 2015 was 44.9 cases per 100,000 people (51.8 for males and 38.9 for females) compared to 50.6 per 100,000 people for Australia in 2014 (62.1 for males and 40.9 for females).1 
  • Despite the good relative survival of 90.8% at five years (for the period 2003–2012), the disease remains a significant health problem for the ACT community. The treatment of advanced stage melanoma has recently improved dramatically and may further improve relative survival rates in years to come.

1.  Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2017). Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality (ACIM) books (Excel spreadsheet).

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