Territory-wide Health Services

Territory-wide health services planning aims to develop services to assist in the delivery of safe and effective healthcare. Our individual and family-centred services are designed to meet the future health needs of people living in the ACT and surrounding region.

Territory-wide Health Service Plan

A Territory-wide Health Service Plan is currently being developed and will provide a system wide view of priorities for health service development and redesign over the next five years.

The Plan will be informed by the work undertaken to date on Specialty Service Plans and will be based on a comprehensive assessment of health service needs across the care continuum on a geographic basis and for priority population groups.

Why we need a Territory-wide approach

The Territory-wide Health Service Plan will provide the direction for development of an integrated, sustainable and territory-wide health system for the ACT.

A planned and evidence-based approach to health service planning will help meet known challenges such as population growth, an ageing population, growing demand, funding pressures and service and infrastructure commitments.

Specialty Service Plans

Specialty Service Plans (SSPs) highlight important relationships for each specialty service to ensure each patient has a smooth and logical journey through ACT Health. This includes transitions between care in the community, care in hospital and care at home.

SSPs support future planning by looking at the context of each service and the needs of the population, current and future demand, prevention, other specialty services, advances in treatment and technology, and the responsible and efficient use of resources.

Further Information

We will continue to engage with the health and community sector while we develop and finalise our territory-wide approach.

If you would like more information, or would like to become involved, please contact HealthServicesPlanning@act.gov.au

Page last updated on: 20 Jun 2019