Public Interest Disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure scheme supports the reporting and investigation of allegations of serious wrongdoing in the ACT government.

Public Interest Disclosure Act

The aim of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012 is to provide a way for people to disclose disclosable conduct, and to ensure people who make public interest disclosures are protected and treated respectfully.

Disclosable conduct means an action, policy, practice or procedure of a public sector entity or public official that:

  1. is maladministration (results in substantial mismanagement of public resources or funds, or substantial mismanagement in the performance of official functions); or
  2. results in substantial danger to public health or safety or the environment.

Disclosable conduct does not include an action, policy or procedure that relates to a personal work-related grievance of the person disclosing the conduct. 

Making a public interest disclosure

A disclosure of disclosable conduct can be made by anyone. Individuals can submit an allegation orally or in writing and anonymously if they prefer. A disclosure may be made to: 

  • a disclosure officer (see contact details below); or
  • a Minister; or
  • if the person is a public official for a public sector entity—
    1. the person’s manager; or
    2. for a public sector entity that has a governing board—a member of the board; or
    3. a public official of the entity who has the function of receiving information of the kind being disclosed or taking action in relation to that kind of information

Further information is available from the ACT Integrity Commission.

Contact Us

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012 specifies certain people that can receive an allegation (report of disclosable conduct). These include those nominated to be a Disclosure Officer.

(Please note that for general ACT Health Directorate inquiries, you should call 5124 4444)

Nominated Disclosure Officers for the ACT Health Directorate are:

Fiona Barbaro (A/g Executive Group Manager, Corporate and Governance)
T: 5124 6146

Jacinta George (Executive Group Manager, Health Systems Planning and Evaluation)
T: 5124 9699

Nominated Disclosure Officers for Canberra Health Services are:

Colm Mooney (Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer)
T: 5124 4680

Kalena Smitham (Executive Group Manager, People and Culture)
T: 5124 9631

Page last updated on: 22 Dec 2022