ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan

The ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan 2018-2021 (the Action Plan) outlines ACT Government priorities to address and minimise harms from alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and non-medical use of pharmaceuticals in the territory.

The Action Plan aligns to the framework provided by the National Drug Strategy 2017-2026 and describes the territory’s priorities and activities to be progressed within the context of national action.

The ACT Government is committed to working collaboratively on the priorities outlined in the Action Plan. We are committed to investing in evidence based and practice-informed harm minimisation responses to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. We lead the country in innovative policy approaches, as demonstrated by the successful introduction of Australia’s first pill testing trial.

The Government has now released the first progress report on implementing the Action Plan. It outlines key achievements during 2019 and, because COVID-19 delayed the report’s finalisation, it also contains some updated information from early 2020.

Future reports will provide information on progress against higher level objectives, as more data becomes available over the life of the plan. 

An Advisory Group with broad representation guides prioritisation of activities, implementation and evaluation of the Drug Strategy Action Plan. A revised plan will be developed for 2022 and beyond.

The ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan 2018-2021

The ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan 2018–2021: Progress Report 2019–20

Page last updated on: 9 Jul 2021