A new hydrotherapy pool for the southside of Canberra

Hydrotherapy Pool

The ACT Government is improving access to hydrotherapy services for residents on Canberra’s southside.

The ACT Government allocated $8.5 million in the 2022-23 ACT Budget to design and build a new southside hydrotherapy pool, to be located next to the Tuggeranong Lakeside Leisure Centre.

During 2022, the ACT Health Directorate consulted with stakeholders and the community on important issues relating to the design, accessibility, and operation of the new hydrotherapy pool. This community feedback will inform advice to tenderers on the design and construction of a new pool.

The ACT Government will continue to collaborate and consult with pool users and stakeholders as part of the construction process to ensure the new facility meets the needs of the community.

Page last updated on: 20 Dec 2022