Neurostimulation Therapy Suite

What is the Project?

The ACT Government has funded $4.37 million toward the construction of a Neurostimulation Therapy Suite (NSTS) on the Canberra Hospital Campus to provide the Canberra community with additional Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) services.

What benefits will the project provide?

The project will provide access to ECT for people who are requiring this service.

The new service will be a welcoming and comfortable environment that aims to engage consumers, their families and carers while providing support and education to those being introduced to the treatment.

Where will the new NSTS be located?

The project will see a new wing attached to the existing Building 25 co-located with the Adult Mental Health Unit (AMHU).

Neurostimulation Therapy Suite

Building 25 – Adult Mental Health Unit (AMHU)

Why do we need it?

Demand for ECT services is increasing. At present, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce is currently the only provider of ECT in Canberra. This limits access for Canberrans requiring this service, particularly those who also require acute mental health care.

What is the expected construction schedule?

  • Site Establishment – Nov 2020
  • Commence Construction – Nov 2020
  • Construction completion – May 2021

Contractors have commenced setting up the site as well as construction and relocation of some spaces within the AMHU.

How will this impact me?

Please be patient with us throughout the construction period as there will be some noise and disruption throughout the program. If your stay or visit to AMHU is affected by these works and associated noise, please let our staff know by emailing our team at:

More information will be provided as this project progresses, or email if you require further information.

Page last updated on: 4 Dec 2020