Commissioning health services in the community

The ACT Health Directorate funds a range of services in the community as part of our public health system. This includes agreements with about 70 non-government providers for the delivery of more than 100 health and mental health services. The contracts for these services are due to expire in June 2022.

Until now, ACT Health has used traditional procurement processes to select and fund health services in the community. This is a top-down approach that largely excludes community partners from detailed service planning and design, and is not keeping pace with our changing health landscape.

Feedback to ACT Health has highlighted the need for a more inclusive approach to determining the services Canberrans need and value, and the way they are delivered.  

In response, we are moving towards a collaborative commissioning approach for the future provision of health services delivered by non-government organisations in the community. This aligns with the position increasingly adopted across Australian jurisdictions and internationally where commissioning is driving investment in community-based health services and delivering improved client outcomes.

ACT Health’s move to a commissioning approach will happen in stages and will take place over a number of procurement cycles. This year, ACT Health will work with community partners to identify a small number of services for collaborative design. This will allow us to trial different approaches and learn what works.

Approach to Commissioning

  • ACT Health Directorate (ACTHD) and Community Services Directorate (CSD) have jointly developed The ACT approach to commissioning for community and health services. The document presents our proposed shared vision, shared principles for commissioning practice, what success looks like, and defines some key terms.

    We acknowledge sector partner’s calls for a single approach across both CSD and ACTHD and have developed the draft together in response to this feedback.

    Comments on the draft ‘ACT approach to commissioning’ document is welcomed. Feedback closes Friday 11 June 2021, the document can be accessed here, where you will also find instructions for submitting your comments.

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Page last updated on: 25 May 2021