Calvary Public Hospital Bruce ED Expansion

Calvary Emergency Department

Patients and visitors heading to Calvary Public Hospital’s emergency department will now be greeted by a modern and high-quality facility which forms part of the health service improvements the ACT Government is implementing across the ACT.

Almost 60,000 people present to the Calvary ED every year, with more than 149,000 emergency presentations across the Territory in 2018-19, and this expansion has significantly boosted hospital emergency services on the northside of Canberra.

The expansion was a $6.7 million project from the 2018-19 ACT Budget, which has delivered an additional 14 ‘see and treat’ spaces and 8 additional short stay beds.

The emergency department waiting area is also now larger and, upon arrival, patients will be triaged through the ‘See and Treat’ system designed to stream patients more efficiently. This means patients will be assessed and treated, not only for their specific issue, but according to the likelihood of being an inpatient admission or being discharged back to their home after assessment and treatment.

The project has resulted in enhanced conditions for patient, visitors and clinicians, as well as improved patient flow and new models of care.

The expansion has also seen additional doctors, nurses, administration and other health professionals joining the Calvary ED team. 

Overall, the expansion of the Calvary Public Hospital’s emergency department will play a major role in helping to manage increasing demand for frontline hospital services in the Territory.

Page last updated on: 29 Sep 2020