Getting parents and carers involved

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While it’s important that you provide them with a great environment for active play – as well as opportunities to be active throughout the day – the children’s home life also plays a key role in establishing active play habits. So why not get the parents more involved?

Some of these ideas might help you get things started.

  • Promote active play by teaching fundamental movement skills (FMS) and associated games. Encourage the kids to play these games at home with their parents.
  • Photograph (with permission) kids doing FMS and active play at the ECEC service or school and share these photos with parents
  • Include active play information in your newsletters – if you need some ideas, use information from this website or our factsheets
  • Make Kids at Play fact sheets available to families – you’ll find them on the factsheets page
  • Suggest ‘Active Play’ challenges for families
  • Include the following videos on your website, Facebook page, or in your e-newsletters:

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Page last updated on: 17 Sep 2019