Canteens: Looking for new ideas?

    Simple Changes for a Healthier Sports Club BBQ

    Adding Healthier Choices Options

    Changing Product Placement

    Promoting Healthier Options


    Why are Healthier Choices important?

    We know how important healthier choices are for junior sport.

    Refresh your menu – for profit and health

    Tips and tricks to improve your canteen menu for profit and health.

    Pricing food and drinks

    Improve your profit with a pricing toolkit.

    How to promote your healthier choices

    Give your canteen the best chance of making money – find more ideas on how to promote your canteen.

    Product placement and presentation

    Presentation is key! A few helpful tips for your club to present healthier options to tempt your customers.

    What canteens said...

    “A good reminder that we need to be offering food at different price points, so for us our healthy food and drink choices need to be cheaper or on price par with the treat choices”

    - Little Athletics Calwell




    Page last updated on: 19 Aug 2022