Sponsorship and Business

Junior sport provides an amazing marketing opportunity for Canberra businesses

With the right sponsors, clubs and businesses can grow and improve member and customer experience, profits and overall health. Sponsorship can send powerful messages to junior players. We want to help you reduce junk food sponsorship in junior sport.

Our Junior Sport Sponsorship Program will improve your sponsorship management and help you steer away from junk food sponsorship.

Sporting clubs and organisations

Sporting clubs and organisations

We know how limited your time is so we’ve created a program that requires minimal time, and has all the resources you need. We offer a short but valuable program that will help you:

  • Engage the right sponsors for your club - that support your goals and the health of your junior players.
  • Know what to offer and what to ask for.
  • Make sponsorship management more enjoyable and enriching.

There is no cost involved to be a part of the program. To register your organisation or club please click on the link below. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting new program!

Businesses interested in sponsorship

Businesses interested in sponsoring junior sport

Junior sport offers an incredible marketing opportunity to Canberra businesses, and with the support of Healthier Choices Canberra, junior sports clubs are looking to connect with you!

You don’t have to be a big business with big bucks to sponsor a junior sport club. Businesses and junior sports clubs can support each other in many different ways.

Gone are the days of simply putting a logo on a boundary fence and expecting it to convert to value for a sponsor.

Are you a local business? Register with HCC Junior Sport to find out more about how your business can benefit from sponsoring junior sport.

Watch our 2020 sponsorship summit here:

Here’s what some of our program participants had to say about the program

“It’s not just a hand-out but how we help each other”

Woden Weston Rams Junior RLC

"Finding sponsors that are a good fit for your club"

Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club

"Re-thinking how we do sponsorship"

Ainslie Football Club

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