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Where can I purchase healthier choices?
How can I support my local club?

We know it can be tough for parents. Up early for game day, running from one sport to the next. That’s where Healthier Choices Canberra is making it easier for you to provide healthier choices before, during and after the game.

Finding healthier food and drinks in Canberra just got easier. Follow the link below to find out where you can find healthier choices.

How can I provide Healthier Choices?

What about…

There are lots of local supermarkets working hard to help you find the healthier choices when you’re shopping. In store you’ll see tips and tricks on healthier choices in the supermarket aisles, like the ones below.

Grocery shopping section image
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Putting together your shopping list? Check out these easy to follow recipes for nutritious meal ideas.

Picking up snacks for the kids? Here are some great lunchbox and healthier snacks ideas.

Find your local supermarket hero here.

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More and more cafes, clubs and restaurants are selling delicious healthier options. It goes way beyond smashed avo on sour dough bread (although that’s delicious too). There are scrumptious salads, superfood smoothies and fresh mix and match breakfast bowls in plenty of venues across the city.

Look out for the Healthier Choices Canberra sticker in the window. It’s a tell-tale sign that you’ll find some yummy healthier options inside.
Some places have put a symbol on their menu to show which food and drinks are healthier.

healthier choices - eating out stickers

Or find your local eating out venue here.

Look for the Refill Canberra sticker too. This means you can refill your water bottle for free. You won’t be expected to buy anything either. Don’t forget, tap water helps to quench your thirst, stay hydrated and reduce single use plastic.

Refill Canberra good to go logo
Entertaining kids section

Play centres are fantastic to burn kids’ boundless energy. But we know you’re concerned about the food options at some of the entertainment venues around town. After all, who wants a party full of moody kids because they’ve crashed after eating too much junk?

Some of the entertainment places have started to sell healthier choices. They’re also changing some of the food items at kids’ parties too. No one wants to be a party pooper but lots of parents want more balance and less sugar and fat. Healthier options can be tasty and exciting too.


Find a kids’ entertainment venue below.
Can’t find your favourite play centre on the list? Drop us a line to suggest a venue we should be working with.


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Page last updated on: 28 Sep 2020