Our smallest stars. Your biggest opportunity

Healthier Choices Canberra works with junior sporting clubs across the ACT to create healthier food and drink environments for kids at sport.

We partner with State Sporting Organisations, sports clubs, families, and businesses to boost the sale and consumption of healthier food and drinks in sport, and reduce reliance on sponsorship that promotes unhealthy food and drinks to children.

Junior sport in the ACT has the potential to reach, and positively influence, the lifelong health behaviours of over 50,000 children and young people.

State Sporting Organisations, and their clubs, can pledge to take action to create a health promoting environment for their codes’ in line with the Healthier Choices Canberra Commitment Framework.

We have plenty of resources for volunteers, coaches, and canteen and club managers to help make it easier to provide tasty, fresh, and healthier food and drink. Check out our resources section.

Our new Gamechangers - sponsorship initiative has been developed to help our kids to enjoy healthy sports, free from the influence of junk food marketing.

The Young Ambassadors program has been developed to work with State Sporting Organisations to identify potential Young Ambassadors, aged 13-18 years within their code, and support them to champion healthier behaviours within their sporting environment.

Page last updated on: 7 Jul 2022