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Kicking goals for healthier choices

68% of Canberrans want more healthier choices at junior sport.

We are working with junior sport clubs in Canberra to boost sales of healthier food and drinks at their clubs, and reduce marketing of unhealthy options.

We have plenty of resources for volunteers, coaches and club managers to help their club increase profits, and make it easier to provide tasty, fresh and healthier food and drink.

Are you a parent looking to provide healthier food and drink for your children? That’s where Healthier Choices Canberra comes in.

Look out for the Healthier Choices logo at junior sport, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and kids’ entertainment venues around Canberra.

Junior Sport Clubs

Looking for tips and tricks to help improve your club and canteen?


Looking for healthier options at your local sport club?

Sporting Organisations and Business

We have the skills and connections to help you get started.

We’d love you to get involved!

If you have any great ideas about healthier options, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at

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Page last updated on: 12 Aug 2020