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Latest business spotlight - Gungahlin Lakes Club - something for everyone

There are lots of new things happening at Gungahlin Lakes Club (GLC), including a refreshed menu. Recently, we sat down with Chef, Peter Robinson and Marketing Manager, Matteo Belladonna to learn more about the exciting changes happening at the club.

How long has Gungahlin Lakes Club been around?

We opened our doors in 1996 and since then it has been one of the pillars for the ever-changing Gungahlin community. Known to locals as "The Lakes", the club is situated on over 70 hectares of green parklands, the clubhouse offers stunning views and a modern interior offers a unique and enjoyable club experience.

At "The Lakes" we want to be a community hub where people can go to meet friends, build connections, have a great meal and have a good time. We try to update our offering and our internal spaces regularly but ensure that our feel remains the same.

How has your menu evolved over that time?

Traditionally, clubs have always associated with dishes identified as “club classics”. These include schnitzels, parmigiana, fish and chips, steaks and others. Tastes change and so does what people are looking for. Over time, we have tried to innovate and introduce new dishes, shaking up the classic club formula with the introduction of new dishes and differing cuisines. We also try to cater to those who prefer lighter meals and acknowledge emerging food trends through our diverse menu offering.

We have recently introduced a whole range of new dishes and salads that can be enjoyed by everyone, and the partnership with Healthier Choices Canberra has been vital in fine-tuning and future-proofing our traditional food offering without compromising quality or flavour. Our motto is “not your usual club food”, meaning that we still offer all of the club classics you would expect but at the same time providing lighter variations of the same meals depending on personal preference.

What would be the most popular dish on the menu?

Unsurprisingly, our best sellers remain our great steaks and chicken schnitzels - classic clubs meals. More recently, however, our salads and vegan dishes have been extremely popular too. We believe this is synonymous with an ever-growing segment that enjoys going to the club without having to give up their nutritional choices, while also providing options for anyone that wants to try something different. Our chefs take great pride in producing quality food and we invite everyone to try a new offering and experience the difference.

Do you see any food trends coming through, that you’ve reflected in your current menu?

Our chefs have been responsive to the changing food culture, incorporating recipes that adhere to the demand for alternative diets while remaining loyal to those who love their ‘club classics’. Instead of staying in our niche, we have seen this demand as an opportunity to expand our menu so that it remains fresh and appealing. The prime example of this is our range of vegetarian and vegan options that extend beyond the typical ‘veggie patty burger’ and instead aims to be exciting and delicious and challenge some of those stereotyped preconceptions. 

You now showcase healthier options on the main menu as well as the kids’ menu, what influenced you to make that change?

Again, we saw the demand for health-conscious eating as an opportunity to enhance our menu; to change things up while also appealing to a wider audience. It goes without saying that if the demand for healthier choices is increasing, then the demand for kids’ healthier choices needs to be considered as well. Being a family-orientated club, it is important for us to respond to the wants and needs of parents, and this includes providing nourishing meals that their kids will still enjoy. This is one of the things that makes us stand out in the dining experience that we offer. 

How can Canberra support GLC?

Come in and enjoy one of our delicious meals! Not only has our restaurant got all kinds of meals on offer, but our pizza and burger bar will also satisfy the deepest of hungers while our café is perfect for a lighter meal and a coffee catch-up. Enjoy a range of facilities including our outdoor beer garden, our lounge overlooking the picturesque golf course, and our retro-style games room for the kids!

We encourage everyone to go out and support their local club, so we can keep providing outstanding service and local jobs to our community. 

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Page last updated on: 24 Jan 2022