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School Fundraising and Events: healthy options for the whole community

Get ideas and feel inspired by this ACT school who made sure healthier food and drink choices were available at their school events.

School events and activities are a great opportunity to promote and model healthy eating and good nutrition. Children learn from what is going on around them.

It’s important to promote consistent messages across every area of school to show children the importance of being healthy and to develop positive lifelong habits.

Schools involved in Fresh Tastes may be focusing on the ‘Food For Sale’ action area to ensure there are always healthier choices available at school events and fundraisers.


We’ve pulled together resources schools can use to switch to healthier options!

Healthy Fundraising Guide: School fundraising doesn’t have to involve unhealthy food – you can still raise those vital funds using healthier food options or swapping food for non-food items. Check out the Healthy Fundraising Guide for some fresh fundraising ideas. 

Think Outside the Snag: Offering healthier options at your next BBQ fundraiser or event can be simple with the right planning, preparation and promotion. Check out Think Outside The Snag for inspiration.

Go for Green guide is the perfect ‘how to’ guide for the Traffic Light System to meet School Food and Drink Policies and the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines (NHSCG).

ACT Education Directorate – Healthy Fundraising Options: this factsheet has lots of healthy ideas for school fundraising.

ACT Education Directorate – Healthy Treats: this factsheet has healthier food ideas for school events and classroom celebrations.

Getting Involved

So, how can you get involved to support your school have healthy food and drink choices at school events and for fundraising?


  • Find out who is your school’s Fresh Tastes Coordinator and join your school’s Fresh Tastes action group.
  • Encourage parents to provide healthier options for class celebrations by sending home the ideas from the resources above, or just have one celebration per month where each child’s birthday in that month is acknowledged.
  • During a lesson, ask students to come up with healthier options for school events and get them to promote these ideas to the school community.
  • Support your school’s efforts to promote healthier choices at events and during fundraising by role-modelling how to make a healthy choice for your students.


  • Organise a healthy fundraising activity for your child’s school. Check out the Healthy Fundraising and Think Outside the Snag guides for ideas.
  • Complete the I’m Alert online food safety training if you’re planning on volunteering to cook and sell food during an event at your child’s school.
  • Support the school’s efforts to promote healthier choices at events and during fundraising by purchasing them for your family when you can.
Page last updated on: 13 Oct 2023