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Your school and Fresh Tastes

Students, did you know you’re awesome? Play this short clip to see why.

All ACT preschools, early childhood schools and primary schools can access the Fresh Tastes service. High schools and colleges can access support and resources to help provide healthy food and drinks for sale and teach students about nutrition.

95 primary schools across Canberra are involved in Fresh Tastes. These schools are promoting healthy food and drink choices, teaching students about nutrition, adding more healthy options to their canteen menus, and giving students hands-on food growing and cooking experiences.

Students are the change-makers! Let’s keep motivating them to continue leading the way for healthier food and drinks at school and home.

Schools involved in Fresh Tastes: Are you one of them?

Below is a list of all the schools currently taking part.

Page last updated on: 13 Oct 2023