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Fresh Tastes is a free ACT Government service that supports ACT schools to make healthy food and drinks a bigger part of everyday life for Canberra’s kids. It's an initiative of ACT Health delivered in partnership with the ACT Education Directorate and supported by the Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent Schools of the ACT.

Read the Fresh Tastes Strategy to get more details about Fresh Tastes.

Setting our kids up for a long and healthy life

Our kids need plenty of vegies and fruit to help them grow, learn and play. Schools benefit too because we know that healthy children are more likely to achieve success in school. If kids learn healthy eating habits from an early age, it sets them up for a long and healthy life.

If kids learn healthy eating habits from an early age, it sets them up for a long and healthy life.

Around one quarter of Canberra’s kids are overweight or obese. As well as not being active enough, kids today aren’t eating enough nutritious food, and are drinking more sugary drinks than ever before. To tackle this problem, the ACT Government has made a commitment through the Healthy Canberra: ACT Preventive Health Plan 2020-2025 to improve the health and wellbeing of every student in Canberra. Fresh Tastes is just one of many ACT Government initiatives in school settings that is helping our community live healthier, more active lives.

Most schools in the ACT are already involved in Fresh Tastes. Together with these schools, Fresh Tastes is already helping influence the minds of the next generation to make healthy food and drink choices.

If your school wants to get involved in Fresh Tastes contact us. Not sure if your school is already involved in Fresh Tastes? You can check out the list of schools who are!

What is Fresh Tastes all about?
  • Looking beyond the canteen to support a whole-school approach to healthy food and drink choices
  • Allowing schools to set their own goals
  • Aligning with existing school priorities and activities
  • Getting the school community behind the changes
  • Building on strengths and taking small steps
  • Taking a shared leadership approach
What will your school get from Fresh Tastes?
  • Annual workshops to prepare a tailored action plan against one or two action areas (read below for details on action areas)
  • Advice and materials from the Fresh Tastes team to implement action plans
  • Help to implement your school’s food and drink policy
  • Help to increase the amount of healthier food and drinks at the canteen, events or fundraising
  • Free TQI’ed professional learning and resources linked to the Australian Curriculum
  • Financial grants
  • A range of discounted services, resources and incentives offered by Fresh Tastes partners to implement action plans
  • Networking events to share information and ideas
Action Areas

Fresh Tastes will guide your school towards positive change by offering a range of action areas for staff, students and families to focus on. These action areas are:

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