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Meets daily physical activity guidelines, ACT Year 7 students


    Meets Australian physical activity guidelines, ACT Year 7 students, Year 7 Health Survey, 2019-2021

    Respondents to the Year 7 Health Survey were asked to report how many days in the last week they were physically active for at least one hour.

    The proportion of respondents who reported meeting the recommended physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes every day has remained stable between 2020 (28.9%) and 2021 (30.4%). In 2021, males were more likely to report meeting the physical activity guideline than females, however this difference was not statistically significant (males: 34.5%; females: 28.6%).

    The 24-hour movement guidelines recommend that children and young people aged 5-17 should aim for at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. For more information, visit

    For the purpose of reporting the Year 7 Health Survey data on HealthStats, if the 95% confidence intervals of the estimates do not overlap, they are considered to be significantly different. 

    Persons includes male, female, other and refused sex respondents and may not always add to the sum of male and female.

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