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Daily breakfast consumption, ACT Year 7 students


    Daily breakfast consumption, ACT Year 7 students, Year 7 Health Survey, 2020-2021

    Respondents to the Year 7 Health Survey were asked to report how many times per week they usually have breakfast, selecting from never or rarely, one to two times, three to four times, five to six times or every day. 

    The proportion of respondents who reported consuming breakfast every day significantly decreased between 2020 (60.5%) and 2021 (55.5%). Males (63.9%) were significantly more likely to consume breakfast every day than females (51.2%) in 2021.

    For the purpose of reporting the Year 7 Health Survey data on HealthStats, if the 95% confidence intervals of the estimates do not overlap, they are considered to be significantly different. 

    Persons includes male, female, other and refused sex respondents and may not always add to the sum of male and female.

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