Cancer survival - prostate cancer

    • Five-year survival from prostate cancer has improved over time, from 71.9% in the period 1988–1997 to 96.9% for the period 2008–2017. There were no significant differences in survival for males with prostate cancer under the age of 65 and those aged 65 and over.1-8 The dramatic improvement in prostate cancer survival over time most likely reflects both earlier diagnosis and the effect of better treatment.
    • However, there is also evidence that a substantial proportion of prostate cancers which are diagnosed and treated would not have manifested clinically during a patient's lifetime, nor resulted in cancer-related death. This partly reflects the widespread use of PSA testing in men without any symptoms of prostate cancer.  Such overdiagnosis and overtreatment contribute to patient anxiety and unnecessary sequelae of treatment, including urinary, bowel and erectile dysfunction, as well as placing additional pressure on health services. 9-11



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