ASSAD Single occasion risky drinking, by sex

ASSAD Single occasion risky drinking, by sex


    Alcohol use, drinks more than 4 drinks per day, ACT Secondary Students aged 12-17 years, by sex, 1996-2017


    In 2017, 3.0% of secondary students surveyed reported consuming more than four drinks on at least one day in the week prior to the survey (single occasion risky drinking), placing them at risk of alcohol-related injury on the occasions in which this occurred. 

    The 2009 NHMRC Australian drinking guidelines recommend no alcohol consumption as the safest option for people under 18. Those who drank more than four drinks on one occasion were considered to be putting themselves at risk of short-term harm according to the 2009 NHMRC drinking guidelines for adults.

    Please note that this indicator was updated in 2022 and replaces all previous versions. 

    The following estimates have a relative standard error between 25% and 50% and should be used with caution:

    2014 and 2017 persons
    2014 and 2017 males
    2011, 2014 and 2017 females

    For the purpose of reporting the Australian Secondary Students' Alcohol and Drug survey data on HealthStats, if the 95% confidence intervals of the estimates do not overlap, they are considered to be significantly different.

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