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Submissions Now Closed

A call for submissions opened on 15 October 218 and closed 30 November 2018.

​For more information please contact the Office of The Review


Phone: (02) 6205 9555

Scope of the Review

The scope of the review is limited to the following publicly funded services:

•           Canberra Hospital

•           Calvary Public Hospital

•           ACT Health Directorate

•           Health Protection Service

•           Canberra Health Services

Protecting your privacy

All submissions will be accepted and kept in the strictest confidence.

The Panel have a duty of care when acting toward others and the public. They must comply with all relevant legislation to which they are subject. 

These processes are in place to ensure confidentiality is maintained, procedural fairness is afforded, and appropriate actions are taken.

When making your submission, please confirm if you want the content of your submission to remain confidential, or if you consent to it being published.

If you consent, some or all of your submission may be released for the purposes of addressing the concerns raised in your submission.

If you do not consent, your submission will remain completely confidential.

The Panel, at completion of its examination, will provide an interim report to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing by 31 January 2019 and a final report by 30 March 2019. These Reports will be made public and be tabled in the Legislative Assembly.

Submissions to the review, including any documents that contain confidential material or information that may identify a person who has made a submission, will not form part of the Report.

Patient Information

In order that the confidentiality and privacy of patients be maintained please do not include material in your submissions that would identify a patient.

If you think that the identity or personal information of a patient should be disclosed so that your submission can be fully understood, contact the Review team to discuss this issue before doing so.

Revealing the identity or personal information of a patient in certain circumstances may be contrary to the provisions of the Information Privacy Act 2014, the Health Records (Privacy and Access) Act 1997 and the Health Act 1993.

Making Referrals

In some instances, the Panel may seek to contact you to discuss your submission.

If you’ve included complaints in your submission, the Panel may wish to refer those matters to an appropriate authority for investigation, and to ensure you are referred to the appropriate support services. In these cases, your consent will be sought.

Advice and Support

If you have questions about the Review or submission process please read the Frequently Asked Questions or call 02 62059555.

There are options available if you want to get support or make a complaint about a health service:

If you need to talk with someone, help is available:

Contact us

General enquiries:

                                02 6205 9555

Submissions can be lodged by:


Post:     PO Box 17, Woden, ACT 2606

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