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The Culture Review Implementation is the ACT Government’s commitment to building positive workplace cultures that bring out the best in everyone.

This was a three year program that implemented 20 recommendations and 92 actions across ACT Health, Canberra Health Services and the former Calvary Public Hospital (now North Canberra Hospital) which were designed to set the system up with long-term, positive results.

Our Culture Review Implementation Journey

Workforce behaviours

The following recommendations were implemented for long-term, positive results for workplace behaviours.

  • Organisational values promoted and incorporated into strategy and people-related practices.
  • Awards and recognition programs established to recognise staff exemplifying the organisational values.
  • New performance development templates to reinforce values-based behaviours.
  • Recruitment policies and processes updated focusing on values and application of merit principles.

Building capability

The following recommendations were implemented to build capability across the ACT public health system.

  • New programs and evaluation methods were developed so training continues to meet the needs of the workforce.
  • System-wide leadership program launched to build the capability of senior leaders.
  • Occupational violence program launched to support safe work environments.
  • Speaking up for Safety program launched to support staff to raise safety concerns early.

Organisational effectiveness

The following recommendations were implemented to measure organisational effectiveness.

  • System-wide performance reporting was established to monitor the effectiveness of culture reform approaches.
  • Regular employee surveys were undertaken to monitor culture trends and identify emerging issues.
  • Organisational Culture Improvement Model assessments were undertaken annually to monitor progression on building the foundational elements to support positive workplace culture.

Partnerships and relationships

The following recommendations were implemented for long-term, positive results for partnerships and relationships.

  • A system-wide networking event was held to discuss improved clinical service coordination across the public health system.
  • An NGO Leadership Forum was established to improve engagement with the NGO sector.
  • A territory-wide strategic plan for research was developed to increase professional opportunities and attractiveness for ACT public health system.

Clinical engagement and clinical governance

The following recommendations were implemented to improve clinical engagement and governance.

  • A Clinical System Governance Framework was developed to support greater involvement of senior clinical staff in clinical system governance and decision making.
  • A Canberra Health Services Clinical Governance Framework was launched.
  • A Calvary Public Hospital Bruce Medical Advisory Committee was established.

For further information, please email CultureReviewImplementation@act.gov.au.

Page last updated on: 3 Jul 2023