Inaugural Independent Annual Review 2020

On Thursday 4 June 2020 the Minister for Health Rachel Stephen-Smith tabled the report ACT Public Health Services Cultural Review Implementation: Inaugural Annual Review.

This was an external and independent review undertaken to assess the progression of the implementation of recommendations from the Final Report: Independent Review into the Workplace Culture within ACT Public Health Services.

It is the first of three annual reviews. It meets Recommendation 19: the ‘Cultural Review Oversight Group’ auspice for the next three years, an annual, independent and external review of the extent of implementation of the recommendations of the Review and consequent impact on cultural changes within the ACT public health system.

The findings of this annual review reinforce the substantial work and effort to date across the ACT public health system.

The key findings include:

  • Good progress has been made by the three health organisations (ACT Health Directorate, Canberra Health Services and Calvary Public Hospital Bruce) on vision, values, workplace policies and human resource functions. It was noted that the changes in these areas were evident and encouraging.
  • Governance arrangements for implementation through the Oversight and Steering Groups, supported by the Culture Review Implementation Branch, provides a solid structure.
  • There has been good advancement in addressing the 20 recommendations of the Final Report.

The annual review provides further findings. It also notes good progress in many aspects, but also highlights the journey ahead, and that sustained and substantive improvements to organisational culture takes years to change, not months.

Much more work is occurring in implementing culture improvements across the ACT public health system.

Page last updated on: 23 Dec 2020