Accessing Your Medical Records

Health records of all patients treated in the ACT Health system are retained for their benefit. You can access your own health records at any time.

All health records we create at any of our facilities are confidential documents and remain the property of ACT Health. We will not release copies of your health records to a third party without your written request and consent.

We take all steps necessary to ensure the privacy of your health information is secured. However, it’s important to note that if your GP or dentist’s clinic creates and has possession or control of your medical record, they are considered the record keeper.  To access medical records held by a medical practitioner you will need to contact them directly. You can also Transfer a health record when your health service provider closes, merges with another or relocates.

How to Access Your Health Records

You can make a request for record access at any time. Health records are governed by the Health Records (Privacy & Access) Act 1997 and fees apply.

Canberra Hospital and Community-Based Medical Records 

Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol & Drug Services Medical Records 

Health Records Access Information Sheet

A  My Health Record provides you with more access and control of your health information.

My Health Record can be accessed when you are out and about, providing summary health information from wherever you are. Over time, the amount of information available will increase as more healthcare professionals contribute to My Health Records.

For more information, refer to the My Health Record FAQ under Further resources or visit

Page last updated on: 19 Apr 2023